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HJey guys: Old thread but very relevant. The 14 wins on displacement yes, perhaps refinement among other things, etc. but shave off some of those cubes and what's really underneath.

Wet weight: 545 lbs. 91.2 lb-ft at the wheel. 1.24 lb-ft per in3 (73.2in3)

Wet weight: 593lbs. 113.2 lb-ft at the wheel. 1.28 lb-ft per in3 (87.9in3)

Difference in torque per in3: .04 lb-ft to the zx14r. At the same displacement (73.2 cu in) of the zx12r this would amount to 93.69 lb-ft (1.28) * 73.2 for an increase over the zx12r by (93.69-91.2)= 2.496 lb-ft. or roughly 3% more

Difference in weight: 8% less goes to the zx12r
At the same weight and displacement of the zx12r the zx14R would have to make (1.08 * 91.2) = 98.496 lb-ft to match the zx12rs power to weight. Therefore at the same displacement as the zx12r, the zx14rs 93.69 lb-ft is (98.496-93.69) = 4.8lb-fts or roughly 5% less.

Although power to weight is usually between hp and weight, here let's use torque. The difference between the two, .03-.05 = -.02 = 2%. Older technology does not equate to less performance

All my #s for both bikes are from wiki.

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