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I have been wanting to enter this contest for 7 years.......almost 8.
And here's my story.
I was, stupidly, going to buy an 2007 special edition bike.
The deal fell through and the guy sold the bike out from under me.
I was actually pissed off at first, but when life gives you lemons.....make lemonade.
That is when I found this beauty for sale. It's like a brand new bike.
I've been riding my 08 special edition for almost 8 years, Kept it pristine the entire time,,,29,500 miles worth.
My birthday is this month,.......So I pulled the trigger.

I was gonna wait a put some modifications to it and then possibly enter the contest, but what the hell.
2013 : 3800 miles purchased from Dealership, passion red, no modifications. Well, except the tank pad.

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