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Originally Posted by Zed Kable View Post
The average entry...

Double bubble, MCCT (courtesy of CCMHunt - cheers!), ground cams, 45t rear sprocket, Pirelli Diablos, 4 pot brake conversion, home made can bracket and riser/rear set plates, 1/4 turn throttle, straight through inlets. Ah yes, not forgetting holes in the seat pad courtesy of next doors cat who also loves it & often sheds hair on the chain lube.
Wife bought it for me - had to ride back in the snow with flat front tyre and a posh alarm that acted like a rev limiter/kill switch - down a motorway with more cameras than you could shake a stick at.
4 years later have tyres with air & no damned alarm + less/greyer hair.
Good luck to all other entrants - it's not winning that counts & donate my $50 to charity ;-)
Oh dear Lord - apologies all, a bad case of DUI (drunk using iPad).
Ah well, so be it:

I forgot to mention home made +4 advancer, kleen removed, ports welded in cam cover, cover painted black to disguise discolouration due to welding, rebuilt forks using All-Balls* racing kits and Silkolene* oil with a 95mm air gap. Nice, but a little naughty, slightly mis-aligned blue head lights that clears the way when riding in traffic, especially on the M25 where car-based myopia is the norm.
* other brands are available-I just went with stuff recommended on this site-so it's your fault if it all goes wrong:-)

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