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U guys r funny.... hey ny i tried to reply to ur mess. Guys i think what he is saying is that the bike runs warm as n temps not over heating. Ny do a search on this forum for temps/overheating there are aton. But to answer ur question bro. My bike didnt overheat but it did flash high temps at my a few times over the course of months. It depends on traffic gear speed etc. I love for my pipes to holla so sometimes i may drag rpms at 6 or so. In any event i wanted my bike to be cooler. If i was running in 90 deg
reesat 60-70-80 mph no prob but around here lots of lights traffic and police so rarely can i ride at 70 mph while cruising unless i go out west. U in ny? I imagine u have more traffic. So yeah i did the mods, engine ice, muzzy fan and added second fan. If i could do another mod i would but im good now.18 miles 45 mins in northern va.90 degrers makes one hot bitch ya heard. These guys r right tho bike is fine. But u can do mods for comfort of ur self. My boys 1200 aint no where near this hot

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