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The valve clearances have never been checked on this bike. How often should they be checked/adjusted? Sorry, I have not bothered to look that up yet. As I said before, the bike is not my own. It belongs to a family member.

What I do know is that it has 18,000 (mostly beaten) miles on it. I've done valves on my own Honda before, but I'm not familiar enough with the Kawasaki yet to want to do it. Something I'll probably save for after this season if it's not too difficult. Same thing with the compression test.

New spark plugs were just installed. The old ones were blackish after 2 years of service. They did not look too bad though. I've seen much worse. Maybe I'll take some pics this weekend to show you all what it is we're working with here.

As far as the vacuum gauges, I'll get those becuase it's somthing I need anyway. Is $85 typical price for a decent set?
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