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I have Autocom

I have Autocom Active Plus -set.

Autocom unit starts as an expandable rider system, which includes the main unit, riders headset, riders
extension lead for bike powered systems, standard phone lead, standard music lead and a basic bike fitting kit.You then have the option to
connect a wide variety of devices: phone, MP3-palyer, bike to bike and passenger, GPS, radar. etc. For bike to bike transmission I have ALAN451R PMR-phones. VOX is working fine.

We (me and my wife) have SHOEI Multitech -helmets, which have factory made places for headsets.

With this equipment communication works with speed up to 140 km/h.

Autocom site: http://www.autocom.co.uk/
Alan site: http://www.alan-electronics.de (German)
Shoei site: http://www.shoei-helmets.com/

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