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Fuel venting

So I am able to fill my ZX14 all the way up the filler neck on the side stand. No venting fuel onto the ground or other issues. Yes some venting sound in the high temps, but never a drop on the ground of gas.

My 2013 Concours14. Had it 2 weeks, have been doing the same fill up as the 14. 2 days ago I find that the fuel has vented out the overflow gas cap area. Draining down the tube onto the inside of the left fairing, ran down to the forward most part of the lower faring and pooled and dripped a bunch of gas on the garage floor.

Has anyone had this happen??? I read in the manual that CA models should not fill past the lower filler neck! I don't have a CA model, but my friends new ZX14 has a decal saying not to fill pass the neck.

Did I just learn something new here?

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