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Originally Posted by JulesYoung View Post
on the 89-90 the relays are in the nose just below the h/lights with rubber covers on , on the j models on relays are located below the frame rails on the l/h/s beside the turn signal relay
you also should have 2 headlamp fuses , a 20a and a 10a
if you put your multimeter across relay terminals 3 &4 with a 12v battery connected across 1 &2 then the meter should read 0 ohms when battery connected and infinity when battery disconnected
the other h/lamp relay in the junction box only operates to switch the headlamp on after starting

Problem is , this is a 2001 P model. It does not have relays under the headlight. Also it has 1 10 amp headlight fuse and not 2 in the box ugh ....
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