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no headlights high/low everything else works!!! *SEARCHED*

First off, guys I'm new here but not new to forums, I know every body will bash you if you don't do a search. Honestly I'v been searching for almost a week and i just can not figure this out.

short version = 2001 zx7. everything works on my bike. EVERYTHING, the only thing that does not work as of friday 10/8/13 is I have no headlights high beams or low beams. also my high beam dash indicator does not light.

long version = I have been having some fuel pump issues with it not priming/ running like it was supposed to but the bike would run and the headlights worked. well sometime between thursday (10/7/13) night and friday afternoon (10/8) the head light quick working and so did the indicator. i ordered a relay thinking that this was the problem because from all of the searching iv done that seemed to be a very common problem with the headlight and fuel pump. also i i hard wire the pump to the battery it would run like it was supposed to so i thought for sure that this would fix my problem (headlight and pump) will i got my new relay today and turns out that wasn't even the problem with the pump. it was just a bad connection at the pump plug and harness so now.... i have a mysterious non working headlight out of the blue

when i noticed no head light on friday afternoon the fuse was blown. so i swapped it with the spare and the spare has not blown since (its one of those led ones that light when its good) so right now i have no headlights high or low and no high indicator on the dash but everything else works. everything. blinkers. dash lights. oil light. brake light. running light. tag light. EVERYTHING works but it seems m getting no power to my headlight even with a good relay and fuse.

I'v checked bulbs, fuses, relay, took the switch apart and checked the contacts inside. checked all the known connections in the front of the bike. I read on here that you can test the indicator by unplugging known good bulbs and if there was a short and you took the known good bulbs out, that the dash indicator should work, but it still doesn't I'm am so lost and with out a volt meter. I'm not opposed to going out and buying one but i don't even know which wires to test.... any body please help me!!! thanks so much in advance

(Ps. iv never joined the forum bc any questions i ever had had been answered on here and i never had to ask for myself. but after searching im stuck! lol )
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