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05/06 ZX6R/RR DynoJet Quick Shift 'Kit'

Hey gang. First post, I know. I've active on zx6r.com and kawiforums, you can check me out to make sure I'm legit. Hint: I am.

I'm selling parts that I "don't need". My fiance feels that since we got engaged, we should start saving money for a house Let's be honest, what she says, goes.

This is a 'kit' for quick shift on any 05/06 zx6r/rr that already has a PC3. THIS KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE A PC3.
What you do get is:

Power Commander Ignition Module and install disc (have to update the firmware on your PC3 to use the ignition module)

Sensor and shift rod have been sold.

Ignition Module - $165 shipped

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