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Originally Posted by suprajztwenty View Post
yea, faster flow=better exhaust scavenging...so basically its always gonna do it?...but with a richer mix, could it potentially shoot the flames out the tail?? thats just cool
I wish I had a video of my R6 deceling in 1st gear from top RPM.

The bike would straight up shoot fire out of the highmount. My friend was behind me on his GSX-R and said that the pipe would act like a machine gun sometimes. It would shoot flames out like gunfire, and one time I saw a BIG one in my rear view! When I'm deceling less aggressively, the bike would sometimes shoot out a blue flame at nighttime.

It sounded great and popped like something in the fast and furious. Something like that can't be healthy can it? Anyways, I sold the bike to get something less of a beater (it was stunted and abused before hand).

Anyways, I can't wait till summer, since usually I get home from school 7-3 and work 4-8.. So I'm going to do so much shit to this bike when I have that time on my hands. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, everyone.
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