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haha more commen sence then anything but guys when your learning to wheelie.. and you get scared please please please pleeeeaaasssee keep your feet on the footpegs.. stay on the bike!! cover the brake if thats how you learned to wheelie but keep ur feet on unless you wanna run after your bike as it flips down the road shattering into a million and 2 pieces =)... went riding with a newbie and didnt know it.. i started a 2nd gear clutch up and this jackass pulls one up next to me takes his feet off. ( at first it looked as if he ment to do it ) he not only 12'd his bike, it flipped at least 3 times PAST ME as im putting my wheelie down with my asshole puckered up. needless to say he totaled his bike. and come to find out he was trying his first wheelie. didnt have a clue what to do. so please!! if your learning take it somewhere you can fall and not hurt anyone but urself and cover that brake!!! and keep ur feet on.. it may save ur bike.. act like its motogp and never fuckin let go!!! you never know you may ride away instead of walk away.


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