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When I was younger I could have filled this section with shit, but pictures where hard to do with a box brownie seriously though when I was younger Evel Kneivel was the shit, well for me he was, I had a XT 500 single yammy enduro, and tried to copy E K stuff, I built a ramp at the edge of a river (this is fucking true too) and I decided to jump the river, I was young and balls of steel, Fearless/stupido, anyway I did a couple of runs at the ramp , and decided I was going too slow,(50-60?)to make the jump so I hauled ass (500cc hauling ass) 75mph ish and hit the ramp, Fuckin plain sailing till I hit the end of the ramp, when it all collapsed, and I did prolly a third of the river 40 foot out of maybe 130 foot wide.

I'm older now and maybe more wiser, and possibly lack confidence to do shit, being honest about it.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaha, dude you are the man! i had the best mental picture of what happen to you while i was reading your story i wish i could have been there.
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