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zx10r into 1996 zx7r

whats up folks, I have already done this and it works great. i have pics and will posting them soon. I got a totaled 05 zx10r and swapped everything over to and old zx7r i had with a blown motor. Let me start by telling you its not for the unexperienced and its doesnt just fit right in. You would think becuase the frame in beefy and wide that it would but the heads dont exactly clear. It does fit with a slight lean angle to motoer which actually gives more weight to the front end. The mounting holes on the zx10r actually had to shave down and then re-tapp to make the mounts that i had to work. because of the angle of the motor it also causes a issues with the airbox and air intake tubes being slightly highter then where the meet the old frames holes for the air tubes. ( modified airbox and customer application needed ).

another problem i ran into was again because of the motor angle forwards that didnt allow the shifter to reach to the peg assemble. ( this was corrected by making a reverse shifter and extended about 2inches ( dont forget it race set 1 up instead of down) also but entire front end on trees,forks,wheels brakes etc. the handling if quite differnet. its is very sharp and may end up going back with the zx7 trees and keep the 10 forks. I swapped out the swingarm and went with a zx12 swingarm which automatically but a 3 inch extension on it and then i added the blocks to go out further. Becasue the front end is so top heavy now i have to come back in on the swingarm. I was out about 9 and it did nothing but spin But i came in about 2 inches and with my 240lbs it balanced out just right. WOW what a crazy Ride. People see it and there like is that and old bike and then i start it up with a full zx10 akrapovic and they are like OKAy thats not a 7 and i just smile. SO TO ALL YOU 7 LOVERS OUT THERE IF YOU GOT THE TIME AND FIND SOME PARTS I SAY GOOOOO FOR IT
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