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here's a really rough translation of the website (since I don't speak spanish you'll have to make the best of it)


After two months of work (and many but of planning) I have finished my I complete project baptized like ZXR1000R, that consisted of connecting a motor of Kawasaki ZX10R year 2007 in my classic ZXR750 H1 year 1990. I thank for Marcelo friend, alias " the scientist loco" , that it offered to his aid and knowledge me, without which it had not been possible the development and good operation of our company. In order to begin the project it was necessary to adapt the 8 supports of the motor that traia the ZX10R, those that obvious was different from those from the ZXR750. Luckyly the later-inferioes supports of the motor agreed perfectly with those of the chassis, being aligned the pinion of attack with the sprocket and dandonos the fixed point to present/display the other supports, once fact this I obtained robust aluminum arms (taken from the piece of damping UNI-TRACK of another ZXR750 and they were cut and they presented/displayed on the lateral supports of the motor soon to be welded with TIG (to see photos).

Later we made and we welded to the supports later-superiors with an aluminum angle of 10mm.

Also the frontal auxiliary supports settled to him and finally it settled the electrical system and air cleaner:

Later we had to modify the bottom of the pool that hit the air cleaner, for this work we used a steel lamina of 1.2mm and we gave the suitable form him:

We welded later it and I made the hollow him for the pump of original fuel of the ZX10R reinforcing it with a metallic hoop of 10 mm soon to paint it and to install the pump.

Finally we covered the irregularities and we applied to the imprimante and the red and black painting layers:

The motor was working and only it lacked to prove it and to mount the fairing:

The silencer is the one of series of ZX10r 2008 (it includes the butterfly of exup) and we decided (by aesthetic) to leave the clocks original and with the help of the factory manuals the board was 100% operative one:
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