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Originally Posted by davewaibel View Post
the world is getting smaller all the time- I need to get better at using the camera/internet- I am currently doing this project on my race bike- if it works well, I will do it to my rr, either way, the program will be written for the brackets, and these will not be 'cheezy' brackets- my guy does it right, or not at all- he has made some really cool stuff, that was world superbike pieces, but no longer available- the brembo monoblocks- only 1 caliper adapter available from ohlins, no longer made- he took that and mapped it out, and flopped it to make the other side, and spit me out 6 sets- cannot tell the difference between the ohlins piece, and what he spit out- also had a wsb rear wheel, which is designed for the crazy rare swingarm- whipped up a caliper holder, way stronger than the yanagawa piece, and actually better engineered- rotor doesn't rub on the caliper-let me know if your looking for anything jbreit, I have lots of spares-
Dave - Please don't think I was referring to your motor job.... its the guy that welds something up out of electrical conduit and steel scrap pieces he got at menards that I was talking about (like the cr500 motor in the SV650 frame thats on kawiforums).

And.....I may be in touch about the zx7 project I am working on, nothing so cool as a 10 motor though... but too many irons in the fire right now.
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